IMAGENRED in Unseen CO-OP 2018

Make your way to CO-OP and come into contact with 12 international collectives participating in the second edition of CO-OP’s programme. In order to increase the representation of artist-run initiatives and collectives worldwide, CO–OP encourages artists to present challenging works of art, dynamic presentations and new ways for them to sell their artworks. This year, the collectives tackle themes such as authorship, mass tourism, migrant stereotyping and education. Curated by Lars Willumeit, CO–OP is an Unseen Foundation initiative.

This year’s collectives are 280A (AT), Böhm Kobayashi (DE), Depression Era (GR), Fotoromanzo Italiano (IT), Imagenred (SP), KLAYM (CI/CH) London Alternative Photography Collective (UK), (Music For) Eggplant (FR), Migrant Image Research Group, Tokyo Photographic Research (JP), Upominki (NL) and Yaounde Photo Network (CM).

4) CO-OP overview, Unseen Amsterdam, 2017 © Almicheal Fraay.jpg

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